Orkestar Bez Ime


Welcoming Our Newest Member

Some of you have been waiting quite a while to hear this news: After several months of playing with our friend, Eric Ray, we’re proud to announce that he has officially joined Orkestar Bez Ime’s ranks as our accordionist! Eric has a long history with OBI that goes back to[…]

OBI Unveils *Six New Compositions* 3/29!

If it wasn’t for sure before, it certainly is now: Orkestar Bez Ime is officially a band of composers! Thanks to OBI receiving the peer-nominated Minnesota Emerging Composer Award from the American Composers Forum, we’re unveiling six new compositions Saturday, March 29 at Celtic Junction. You’ll hear the new folk-influenced[…]

OBI Reunited with Flying Foot Forum

Some of you may have heard OBI talk about working with Joe Chvala and the Flying Foot Forum on a residency at Carleton College last winter. Over the past few years, Joe has been creating a unique and exciting show based on Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass (audience participation!).[…]

Changes in OBI

After over a decade of participation within Orkestar Bez Ime, we announce that Dee Langley is leaving to pursue other endeavors. We wish her well as she begins this new chapter in her musical life.

Reflecting on Our Time in Valjevo

Hey everyone. This is Scott here, guitarist for OBI, and I figured it was about time that one of us finally posted something regarding our amazing trip to Serbia. We were there for two weeks in July, attending a cultural immersion camp that focused on Romany (“Gypsy”) music and culture.[…]

MN Original & Guests in Absentia for November Black Dog

If you’ve been following us on Facebook, you will have heard that the episode we filmed for MN Original was finally aired in October! We’re quite excited to have had the opportunity to be featured alongside two vibrant fine artists in the Twin Cities arts community. You can check out the[…]

May 12 Fundraiser & Kickstarter

As many of you know, Orkestar Bez Ime won the McKnight Fellowship for Performing Musicians last year. We decided to apply those funds to study abroad at Amala, a Romany cultural immersion school in Serbia. We’re so thankful to the McKnight Foundation for making a huge dent in the cost[…]

Welcome to the New Rogaria!

You may have heard us say it—and we’ve certainly heard you agree!—but boy, was it time for a new website. We’re very excited to unleash our brand new design, courtesy of Renaissance Jane (conveniently, Natalie’s design company) and the development team behind Net Acceleration. You’ll find all sorts of new[…]