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Nice Driveway. Volume 2: Lake Aquanyet Days

CD $10 (+s&h), Digital $7

  • Release: 01 Jan, 2006

With an approach touted as “Euro music, but not stuck up” (Star Tribune), this second installment of the Nice Driveway trilogy features music from Bulgaria, Albania, Serbia, Greece, Romania, Israel and of course, Rogaria.

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  • (Bulgaria)

    Kopanitsa Medley

  • (Albania)

    Martesa (Bracno oro)

  • (Serbia)

    Aman, aman, momče bre

  • (Greece)

    Kato stu valtu

  • (Romany)


  • (Romania)

    Romaninan Hora

  • (Romania)

    Până când nu te iubeam (Hora dupa Anton Pann)

  • (Serbia)


  • (Bulgaria)

    "Happy" Gankino

  • (Israel)

    Ma na'avu

  • (Finland)

    Schottische Medley

  • (Serbia)


  • (Serbia)

    Ramo, Ramo

  • (Rogaria)

    Starshine Bright by Dee Langley

  • (Albania)