Orkestar Bez Ime


OBI turns old enough to drink

It seems like only yesterday we were celebrating our band’s Sweet 16, and already we’re here—about to celebrate the big 21! (We’ve never been ones to celebrate on the fives.) We’ve been doing a ton of work behind the scenes to pull off what promises to be an excellent birthday[…]

We’re back, and we’re helping

With the exception of a couple of summertime gigs last year, OBI has largely been on hiatus due to the pandemic and concerns for our immunocompromised members. However, as COVID becomes a more regular part of our collective lives and we learn to live in this new normal, we’re slowly[…]

OBI Series at Schooner Canceled

Hey, OBI friends and fans. For various reasons, OBI has decided to cancel what would have been our post-pandemic return series at the Schooner Tavern in Minneapolis. This past year has seen a lot of changes in our world, and we continue to adjust accordingly, even if it means making[…]

OBI is back!

Friends, we’re glad you’re here. And we’re glad to be back with you as well. Can we all take a deep collective breath together? Yes, just like that. Ok. If you follow us regularly, you may be wondering whatever happened to OBI after lockdown began in March of 2020—we know[…]

A Very Special Collaborative Holiday Concert

ABOUT KOLYADA – WINTER SONGS FROM THE BLACK SEA Tired of the same old same old at the holidays? Kolyada is an evening of local Eastern European folk ensembles and artists joining voices and esoteric instruments — like the aurally (and visually) interesting toaca, the taragot and the gadulka —[…]

OBI Turns Old Enough to Drive!: Our Sweet 16

Where has the time gone? We keep talking about how OBI started in 2002, but…that was 16 YEARS AGO! Though we don’t quite remember the official date of our birth, we’re nearly sure it was in December, so we’re celebrating our band’s 16th birthday at our monthly 3rd Wednesday series[…]

OBI 3rd Wednesday & Natalie’s Birthday Party

Hi, all! Natalie here. My bandmates were kind enough to let me Bogart our monthly 3rd Wednesday series for April because it is the actual day I celebrate A MILESTONE BIRTHDAY! Which milestone? Well, you’ll have to attend to find out. You might notice by the event image that this might get[…]

Last 3rd Thursday at Black Dog

We’ve had quite a ride these last 6+ years curating the 3rd Thursday Balkan Party Night at the Black Dog Cafe in Lowertown St. Paul, and it’s been fun to bring our music to new audiences every month through this series. Though OBI still has a healthy plate of upcoming[…]

Martenitsa Moves to St. Paul!

It’s back, and it’s in St. Paul for the first time ever! Join OBI and Mila Vocal Ensemble at the Bedlam Lowertown 3/1. From our press release: Bulgarian Martenitsa Show Comes To Bedlam Lowertown March 1 Orkestar Bez Ime and Mila Vocal Ensemble Celebrate Their Annual Balkan Spring Celebration In a New, Dance-Friendly[…]

“Unveiled” to be Unveiled 11.20.14

Those of you who joined us last March at The Celtic Junction might remember that we had a pretty amazing show. Not only was the house packed, but we also got to premier some new compositions thanks to a grant from the American Composers Forum. The product of that show—an[…]