Orkestar Bez Ime


Our first new studio album in 10+ years!

Six hands holding a black and white Orkestar Bez Ime CD called 21

OBI audiences have been asking us for many, many years when we’d go back into the studio to record a new album. Well, we spent the better part of 2023 doing just that! Please welcome our newest addition, 21, so named as it was birthed shortly after we celebrated the[…]

Back Catalog Listening Party features Mahala Drive

YouTube screenshot of OBI on Back Catalog Listening Party

We love that there’s a locally brewed way-back-machine YouTube series that takes a deep dive into artists’ older albums: Back Catalog Listening Party (BCLP), hosted by Anthony Ihrig and Mother Banjo, was born of the pandemic-era need to stay connected with artists and support their work during lockdown when no one could[…]

OBI turns old enough to drink

It seems like only yesterday we were celebrating our band’s Sweet 16, and already we’re here—about to celebrate the big 21! (We’ve never been ones to celebrate on the fives.) We’ve been doing a ton of work behind the scenes to pull off what promises to be an excellent birthday[…]

“Unveiled” to be Unveiled 11.20.14

Those of you who joined us last March at The Celtic Junction might remember that we had a pretty amazing show. Not only was the house packed, but we also got to premier some new compositions thanks to a grant from the American Composers Forum. The product of that show—an[…]

OBI Unveils *Six New Compositions* 3/29!

If it wasn’t for sure before, it certainly is now: Orkestar Bez Ime is officially a band of composers! Thanks to OBI receiving the peer-nominated Minnesota Emerging Composer Award from the American Composers Forum, we’re unveiling six new compositions Saturday, March 29 at Celtic Junction. You’ll hear the new folk-influenced[…]