Orkestar Bez Ime


OBI turns old enough to drink

It seems like only yesterday we were celebrating our band’s Sweet 16, and already we’re here—about to celebrate the big 21! (We’ve never been ones to celebrate on the fives.)

We’ve been doing a ton of work behind the scenes to pull off what promises to be an excellent birthday party at Cedar Cultural Center on December 2 (check our event page for more info). To kick things off for the night, we’ll have our pals from Ukrainian Village Band set the mood for the night with their special brand of Eastern European carousing before OBI takes the stage with a set list that will—drum roll, please—reflect our soon-to-come new album! More on that in a bit. Suffice it to say, you’ll want to get your tickets early to secure a spot and save a few bucks to boot.  And if you see us before (or after!) we take the stage, feel free to buy the band a legal drink.

We’ll see you on Saturday, December 2nd at the Cedar!

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