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Wishing Liz well on her musical adventures

Liz Draper playing upright bass at the Schooner Tavern

Since 2018, OBI has had the distinct pleasure to work with one of the Twin Cities’ most in-demand bass players, Liz Draper. She’s so in-demand, in fact, that her musical adventures are now taking her all over the world, with touring under her belt for the likes of Charlie Parr, Soul Asylum, Low, Iris DeMent, and many others, including opening with Pieta Brown for Ani Difranco.

We’re so thrilled for Liz and—although it means she needs to step away from OBI to pursue these amazing opportunities—we are rooting for her all the way. Liz and OBI both hope our musical paths will cross again. Until then, we want to thank Liz and wish her the best, wherever her musical adventures take her! If you haven’t seen it, The Current did a nice write-up on Liz in 2021: a recommended read.

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