Orkestar Bez Ime


A Very Special Collaborative Holiday Concert

Tired of the same old same old at the holidays? Kolyada is an evening of local Eastern European folk ensembles and artists joining voices and esoteric instruments — like the aurally (and visually) interesting toaca, the taragot and the gadulka — to deliver audiences from the depths of winter into the sparkle of the holidays. “Kolyada: Winter Songs from the Black Sea” will feature the talents of Mila Vocal Ensemble, Orkestar Bez Ime, Nomadi and Peter O’Gorman, Dec. 15, 7 p.m. at Cedar Cultural Center in Minneapolis.

Kolyada offers sacred and secular songs and folklore from the countries surrounding the Black Sea— Bulgaria, Ukraine, Russia, Romania, Turkey and the Republic of Georgia — all celebrating the great seasonal passage from darkness into light.

The all-ages show features traditional a cappella and accompanied songs, including ancient songs learned by Mila Vocal Ensemble on a recent trip to the Republic of Georgia, modern arrangements of Romanian Colinde (carols) written by Orkestar Bez Ime violinist, Colleen Bertsch, and original compositions for the toaca, a semantron used by Orthodox priests to call parishioners to church, written and performed by percussionist, Peter O’Gorman. Orkestar Bez Ime and Nomadi, Balkan bands featuring native Bulgarian musicians and local artists, round out the performance.

Join us for cozy night of rich musical and cultural immersion, as well as a nice break from the usual holiday musical fare!

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